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I have never before worked with such a responsive, communicative, committed un-broker.  at this rate you will reinvent the image of your business.  Look out.  

New York City Luxury Lofts for sale and Apartments for sale in NYC.

Un-broker.com is the new wave in selling and buying in New York City - NYC - for your new Luxury Lofts, Condos, Co-ops, and Apartments. An expert in New York City - NYC - real estate , with specialization in Luxury Lofts and Apartments - condos, and customer satisfaction without the typical New York City - NYC - Real Estate broker experience. A full database of everything for sale in New York City - NYC, and Long Island City - LIC - market including the top Luxury lofts and Luxury condos -apartments - for Sale or Rent in areas like Tribeca, Soho, Noho, Chelsea, Lower East Side and Greenwich Village - West Village, East Village and Central Village. Full color layouts of New York City Luxury Apartments, Lofts and Luxury condos for sale and all of the pertinent information needed for the best possible sale or purchase of your new Manhattan real estate.

New NYC Approach to Selling New York City Luxury Lofts and Apartments.

Launched in 2004, Un-Broker.com was created to change real estate with a more efficient approach. We provide you with the most detailed information about the New York City - NYC - real estate market and lofts - apartments for sale. With our focus on New York City - NYC - Luxury lofts and apartments - Un-Broker.com is a leading expert and resource available for New York City information on the sales market. Whether you're looking for a Tribeca loft or Soho loft, a luxury condo in Greenwich Village or Lincoln Square, a Time Warner luxury condo, a townhouse in the West Village or a classic luxury apartment, we have all the information to make you success every time; buying or selling in NYC.

I started Un-Broker.com because as a consumer of New York City - NYC - real estate I found the process and people not tending to my needs.  I decided to help sellers and buyers of New York City - NYC - apartments, Luxury Lofts and Luxury Condos get the best outcomes possible for their needs in the New York City -NYC - real estate market. Utilizing my7+ years of experience in the New York City (NYC) Real Estate Market with New York City - NYC - Luxury Lofts, Condos, Co-ops, apartments and townhouses and being a home owner in a luxury condo loft building in Long Island City - Arris Lofts, I am able to offer the best service to assist buyers and sellers attain their goals in a way not practiced in Real Estate.

My approach is unique because we focus on you and your needs, which are uncovered through questions and research, and produce a program that is specific to your apartment or loft needs.  From start of the apartment or loft search or sale to post sale, I am with you every step of the way advising and assisting you to get the best results possible in New York City.   You will be educated to all the pertinent information of the New York City - NYC - Real Estate market and it won't matter whether you are looking for a luxury lofts, condos, co-ops or townhouses because we will have all the answers you need for success.

In the last 9+ years I have been able to touch the lives of many buyers and sellers of New York City - NYC - luxury real estate and in building these relationships have better honed my skills to serve you at the highest level possible. This has been carried on with the creation of Demsker Realty in 2009.